Vishal Agrawal

Associate Professor

Operations & Information Management


McDonough School of Business

Georgetown University

37th & O Streets

Washington, D. C. 20057




Research Interests

Sustainable Operations, New Product Development, Effect of Consumer Behavior on Operations, and Supply Chain Management.


Journal Articles

1. Agrawal, V., I. Bellos, 2017, “The Potential of Servicizing as a Green Business ModelManagement Science, 63(5), 1545-1562.

2. Agrawal, V., A. Atasu, and S. Ulku, 2016, “Modular Upgradability in Consumer Electronics: Economic and Environmental Implications,” Journal of Industrial Ecology, 20(5), 1018-1024.

3. Agrawal, V., M. Ferguson and G. Souza, 2016, “Trade-in Rebates for Price Discrimination and Product RecoveryIEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 63(3), 326-339.

4. Agrawal, V., S. Kavadias, and L. B. Toktay, 2016, “The Limits of Planned Obsolescence for Conspicuous Durable GoodsManufacturing and Service Operations Management, 18(2), 216-226.

5. Agrawal, V., A. Atasu, and K. van Ittersum, 2015, “Remanufacturing, Third-Party Competition and Consumers’ Perceived Value of New ProductsManagement Science, 61(1), 60-72.

6. Agrawal, V. and S. Ulku, 2013, “The Role of Modular Upgradability as a Green Design StrategyManufacturing and Service Operations Management, 15(4), 640-648.

7. Agrawal, V., M. Ferguson, L. B. Toktay, and V. Thomas, 2012, “Is Leasing Greener than Selling?Management Science, 58(3), 523-533.

8. Agrawal, V. and M. Ferguson, 2007, “Bid-Response Models for Customized Pricing,” Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management 6(3),  212-228.


Papers under Review and Working Papers

9. Agrawal, V. and N. Oraiopoulos, “The Role of Decision Rights in Co-Development Initiatives,” under review.

10. Alev, I., V. Agrawal, and A. Atasu, “Extended Producer Responsibility and Secondary Markets,” invited for second-round review at Manufacturing and Service Operations Management.

11. Agrawal, V. and D. Lee, “The Effect of Sourcing Policies on a Supplier’s Sustainable Practices

Research in Progress

12. Agrawal, V., A. Atasu and S. Ulku, “The Implications of Product Modularity for Leasing and Selling.” 


Book Chapters

1. Agrawal, V., and D. Lee, 2016, “Responsible SourcingEnvironmentally Responsible Supply Chains: Opportunities and Challenges, Atasu, A. (Ed.) Springer Publishing, 71-87.

2. Agrawal, V., and I. Bellos, 2016, “Servicizing in Supply Chains and Environmental ImplicationsEnvironmentally Responsible Supply Chains: Opportunities and Challenges, Atasu, A. (Ed.) Springer Publishing, 109-127.

3. Agrawal, V. and L. B. Toktay, 2010, “Interdisciplinarity in Closed-Loop Supply Chain Management ResearchClosed Loop Supply Chains: New Developments to Improve the Sustainability of Business Practices, Ferguson, M. and G. Souza (Eds.), Taylor and Francis Publishing, 197-214.