Dennis P. Quinn
Professor Quinn specializes in international business, political economy, and public policy. His current research focuses on democratization and economic liberalization in emerging markets, the origins and consequences of international financial liberalization, the impact of trade on U.S. elections, globalization, and international political economy. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in business, international affairs, and public policy. Prof. Quinn is the co-director of the Master’s in International Business and Policy, and joint degree between Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and Walsh School of Foreign Service.
Contact Information:

Phone: (202)-687-1027

"With economic globalisation, the citizens of Appalachian and Welsh Cambrian towns alike are shaken, for good and ill, by the business advances of global firms including those from China and India," Dennis Quinn, MSB professor, defines economic globalization. Dennis Quinn: McDonough School of Business October 31, 2013, Financial Times