Financial Management Association (FMA)

Description of Award given to Georgetown's Chapter by the National FMA Organization

The Financial Management Association of Georgetown is a chapter of the national organization, which has 9,500 academic, practitioner, and student members throughout the world designed to provide a network of contacts for students interested in finance positions or internships. The Georgetown chapter links students and the business community by organizing programs that introduce students to finance careers and activities and hosts interviewers during their campus visits.  The FMA brings finance professionals to Georgetown to give talks about their work and to supply information about job opportunities. Members receive subscriptions to various financial management publications as well as other materials and benefits designed to improve future employment potential.

Other benefits:

·  Subscriptions to publications and access to on-line conferences provided by the international organization.

·  Invitations to chapter events for members only, such as resume workshops, interview skills seminars, and a visit to FBR’s trading floor.

·  Priority invitation for the trip to New York to visit the NYSE and investment banks (held annually in March or April).

·   Eligibility for the FMA National Honor Society is for Junior and Senior members of our student FMA chapter who have declared a major in Finance, have completed at least 2 Finance classes, have earned an overall GPA of 3.6 or better, and have earned a Finance GPA of 3.5 or better. Students must also be active in FMA activities in order to qualify. This is an honor that can be listed on your resume and Seniors will be commended at the annual Tropaia awards ceremony at graduation.

Several activities are planned each Spring and Fall. The annual trip for 30 students to visit the New York Stock Exchange and three investment banks that are sponsors of the Capital Markets Research Center in New York City is scheduled for Spring.

Lynn Doran, Director; Capital Markets Research Center; The McDonough School of Business; Georgetown University; Washington, DC 20057
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