Georgetown University Accounting Society (GUAS)

       Our mission is to promote the informal exchange of ideas between students and accounting professionals, in order to instill interest and enhance knowledge in the field of accounting. The organization held events this fall and has several more events planned for the spring. In September, GUAS participated in the Careers in Capital Markets event, sponsored by the Capital Markets Research Center (CMRC). At this event, representatives from Deloitte stressed the wide diversity of opportunities within the firm and within the accounting profession at large. In addition, GUAS sponsored three separate events with Ernst and Young, Deloitte, and Pricewaterhouse Coopers to discuss corporate culture, the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley, and the transition from college to the real world for accounting professionals. In an effort to inform students of career opportunities outside of the big-four accounting firms, we also organized an event with Navigant Consulting, which reinforced to students the demand for accounting expertise in consulting. The spring schedule should offer students interested in internships the opportunity to network with professionals from leading accounting firms. In addition, GUAS will provide its members with a list of accounting and consulting internships and the resume drop deadlines for these positions. In our Annual Internship Panel, MSB undergrads who have had summer internships or who have already been recruited for full-time positions at the big-four firms will provide students with an unofficial version of their experiences.



Lynn Doran, Director; Capital Markets Research Center; The McDonough School of Business; Georgetown University; Washington, DC 20057
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